The Company

Wempy Dyocta Koto is on a mission to become one of the world’s most planet and humanity conscious brands. We have a green team solely dedicated to achieving zero impact on world climate.

We do this in ten solid ways:

1. Our production is 100% based on modern made-to-order technology. Globally, 85% of all textiles produced by the fashion industry end up in landfills. One in every five garments goes to a landfill without being worn once. Such is the waste of fast fashion and unconscious consumerism. With made-to-order production, we only create what our customers order. Exact design and exact quantity with zero wastage.

2. Our packaging is only made of post-consumer recycled plastics. We’ve also reduced the use of packaging altogether. For example, we use triangular cardboard boxes for poster orders, replacing the need for tubes with plastic end caps.

3. To reduce fabric waste, we introduced new products such as neck gaiters, masks and scrunchies. We also partner with recycling organisations such as Geocycle and Martex, thus eliminating all material waste through ideas and innovation.

4. Our damaged and returned products are not discarded and sent to landfills. They are donated to local charities like the Red Cross, goodwill and opportunity stores.

5. Over twenty of our products are classified as eco-friendly with each item containing at least 30% sustainable, recycled, or biodegradable materials. Some of our fabrics are made from 80% recycled polyester.

6. We only create quality products, because the better the quality, the longer it lasts. Prior to launching any product, we conduct durability, wash and wear tests to ensure they stand the test of time. Producing long-lasting products from durable materials leads to the reduction of new consumer purchases. Our products last many washes, keeping print colors vibrant and the fabric soft. Upon demand, we are able to provide source details of each item's manufacturing process and country of origin. We also have product certificates from the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS); the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres including ecological and social criteria, backed by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. Additionally, we have OEKO-TEX certification confirming our eco-friendly products. OEKO-TEX® Buying Guide is an online directory for certified products, manufacturers and brands. OEKO-TEX® enables consumers and companies to make responsible decisions which protect our planet for future generations. The testing and certification process guarantees maximum consumer safety.

7. We employ efficient printing processes, with many of our products leveraging the direct-to-garment (DTG) technique. With DTG, ink is sprayed onto the garment, helping it soak better into the fabric, making the print less prone to fading.

8. We employ efficient shipping methods with 81% of our orders delivered in the same region they’re fulfilled. Having fulfillment centers close to our customers in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Australia is best for the planet. Strategically located fulfillment centres allow for faster shipping times, lower shipping costs, and reduces CO₂ emissions due to transportation.

9. We use LED lamps and recycle paper, plastic, batteries, and electronics.

10. Our team has a green workplace and green mindset. People are the core of our company, so we ensure that working at Wempy Dyocta Koto is aspirational, comfortable and accessible. We offer remote work opportunities that allows us to hire more diverse people whilst minimising the environmental impact of commuting daily. Our teams across management, marketing, sales, design, technology, operations, production and logistics are always exploring new and environmentally conscious ways of doing things. They're continuously working on improving our internal recycling system and keeping coworkers informed about best practices of sustainability. Our team must undergo and we have also quantified the waste streams of each facility, so we can take action by minimising waste and increase our recycling. We also process most documents electronically to reduce paper use and welcome new green innovations and technologies and processes.

Teach us and help us.
Climate change is a challenge for the entire of humanity, as what happens at one corner of the globe affects everything.

The journey of becoming more environmentally aware is a long one, and we remain open-minded and welcome your suggestions and opinions. We're starting with realistic, tangible goals, and appreciate your ideas on how we can improve. Email and we’ll take immediate action.

Wempy Dyocta Koto
Chief Executive Officer